Pet Kingdom of Fort Myers

  • Aquarium Water Test 100% 100%
  • Bird Grooming (Wings, Beak, Nails) 100% 100%
  • Bird DNA Testing 100% 100%
  • Bird Boarding 100% 100%
  • Reptile Boarding 100% 100%
  • Reptile DNA Testing 100% 100%
  • Large Cage Delivery 100% 100%

Bird Grooming

We offer expert bird grooming , (wings nails, and beak trimming). Please call in advance to make sure staff is available.

Cost is $5.00 for small birds, $8.00 for medium and $10.00 for large birds.

Bird Boarding

Pet Kingdom offers boarding for your bird. You may bring your own small cage or we will house your larger bird in one of our cages.

Rate is $5.00/ day for small birds, $8.00/ day medium and $10.00 / day for large birds.

Large Cage Delivery

Available on request. Price depends on distance traveled and cage size.

Avian DNA Testing (sexing)

Lab results take about 2 weeks. (99.9% accuracy).

Cost is $39.99

Aquarium Water Testing

We offer free water testing! Weekly water tests are a definite necessity to make sure that your aquarium water balance is in check. The ideal water quality parameter differs between salt water, fresh water and pond aquariums.